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Burton School of Arts, Inc.

Policies and Payment

For Music Classes


The monthly cost for once weekly half hour lessons is $132 ($33 per ½ hour lesson). Payment for the upcoming month is due at the end of the current month. Payment covers 4 lessons each month- on occasion you will have 5 lessons in a month and only pay for 4, this averages out with the 4 weeks out of the year we are closed. In other words, when we are closed and only 3 lessons are received in a month one of the following months will have 5 lessons. Or if you prefer math:

( 52 weeks in the year – 4 weeks closed = 48 (4 lessons per month X 12 months ))

We Are Closed:

Week of Easter

Week of 4 of July

Week of thanksgiving

Week Between Christmas Eve & New Years Day

Although lessons on any instrument may be purchased individually for $33 each it should be noted that availability for irregular lessons is limited. We cannot guarantee a consistent time for lessons outside of the schedule structure above. Checks and cash are accepted; credit cards payments can be made through our website and incur an additional fee. A receipt for payment is available upon request. Checks should be made payable to Burton School of Arts.

Meditation & Mindfulness classes offered at $30 per half hour for one on one sessions

Absences & Make-Up Classes

Lessons missed from unexpected or planned absences may be made up at any time during business hours and scheduled between Student (Or parent/guardian) and instructor. In the event that it is not possible to schedule a make up lesson, credit may be carried over into the next month at the instructor’s discretion. Please note that this is a privilege and may be revoked in the case of abuse of this policy. Advance notice must be given in order to receive credit for a lesson. The normal lesson cost will apply to lessons missed without prior notice. Students expecting to arrive more than 10 minutes late should call their instructor. Overly late lessons may be made-up at the instructors discretion.


The materials needed for study will depend on what instrument and style(s) of play the student desires. Necessary materials will be communicated to the student.

Please call the school with questions- (919) 274-6958 or ask your instructor.

Thank You!

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